foodWhat is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic science of self-healing with a five-thousand year tradition. We are each born with a unique balance of vital energies that influence all aspects of our being. When this balance is disturbed, symptoms of dis-ease can manifest. Utilizing lifestyle management techniques and above all, affirmative ways of living, balance can be restored to body, mind and spirit.

Wise Earth Ayurveda ™ unique sadhana education focuses on our relationship to nature and the cultivation of inner awareness and healing life ways that are in harmony with nature. It informs us that nature’s most potent medicine is inner medicine, our innate powers of healing through evoking nature’s nourishers of food, breath and sound.

Wise Earth logoAyurvedic Services — Personalized dietary suggestions for vitality, balance and health:

  • Ancient sounds to balance body and mind
  • Stress management and meditation techniques to relax the body and calm the mind
  • Simple exercises for energy, strength, suppleness and clarity of mind
  • Color and aromatherapy to access the senses for healing
  • Daily/Seasonal routines in accordance with the rhythms of nature
  • Numerous classes and workshops scheduled according to student interest

*New Services

Shiro Dhara-Takes you on a journey through a seamless rhythm of traditional ayurvedic bodywork techniques that conclude with pouring of a continuous stream of warm oil over the forehead to profoundly relax the body and bring peace and clarity to the mind. Shiro Dhara is a deeply nurturing psycho-spiritual experience that attunes the body/mind towards spontaneous healing.

Nadi Svedana—practiced since ancient times—is the topical application of steam used locally to alleviate painful swelling of the joints, back pain, stiffness of the neck and limbs, arthritic pain, muscular cramps or other similar conditions. This service is usually in addition to Shiro Dhara.